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Learning Resources

Learning Resources Ten Frame Stamp, Pack of 3

Learning Resources Ten Frame Stamp, Pack of 3


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This Ten-Frame Stamp from Learning Resources brings an essential visual element to math lessons that helps kids grasp fundamental concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Favored by teachers in classrooms throughout the country, the ten-frame helps kids build an understanding of each number's relationship to one another and the number 10. With this framework in place, kids can easily grasp lessons in everything from counting and 1-to-1 correspondence to base 10 and number patterns. The Ten-Frame Stamp from Learning Resources adds an extra layer of convenience, letting you replicate the frame as much as you want with the help of just a pad of ink (not included). After stamping out a few frames of your own, you can continue the lesson with the stamp's removable handle, which detaches to reveal a counter stamp sized perfectly for the frames' individual panes. Sold as a pack of 3 stamps.

  • Easily reproduce this popular math visualization tool with an easy-to-use rubber stamp set
  • Teach kids essential math concepts including 1-to-1 correspondence, base 1, and number patterns
  • Stamps cleanly and easily to paper or other flat surfaces
  • Handle pops off to reveal handy counter stamp
  • Sold as a pack of 3
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