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Carson Dellosa Education

Carson Dellosa Education Seasonal STEM Challenges Learning Cards

Carson Dellosa Education Seasonal STEM Challenges Learning Cards


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STEM Seasonal Challenges for grades 2-5 provides a fun way to enhance STEM learning in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between. This boxed set includes 30 challenge cards—each themed to match the four seasons and holidays. Designed to capture a student's attention, challenges are diverse, simple, and easy to complete and include these fun activities: creating pumpkin catapults, making elf zip lines, designing pool floatation devices, and more! Help students go full STEAM ahead with festive grab-and-go activities! Seasonal STEM Challenges offers an engaging way to get students interested in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Each challenge card features two sides—the front side includes the challenge and a visual list of materials needed to complete the challenge. The back of the card is ideal for extended learning and includes hints, questions, and explanations of the science behind the challenge. Each activity uses common materials and can be completed individually or during whole-class instruction. STEM Challenges helps teachers integrate STEM into the classroom by providing hands-on activities that appeal to students. Because of the child-friendly text and the visual materials lists, these easy, but fun, activities can be completed independently, in small groups, or as a whole-class activity. The activities require common materials so students or teachers can "grab and go!" Don't forget to check out the STEM Challenges set for more fun ways to learn STEM.

  • The STEM Seasonal Challenges learning cards for grades 2-5 provide fun ways to enhance STEM learning by engaging students in festive, hands-on activities. This set includes themed STEM activities that match the four seasons and holidays.
  • Help students practice essential STEM skills with 30 unique, open-ended seasonal challenge cards
  • Extend learning with questions in each of the five STEAM areas and a simple explanation of the science behind the challenge
  • Each challenge card uses simple, common materials and is flexible enough to fit STEM learning into jam-packed curriculums throughout the year
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