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Crayola® Air-Dry Clay, 5 Pounds Resealable Bucket, White

Crayola® Air-Dry Clay, 5 Pounds Resealable Bucket, White


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Crayola® Air-Dry Clay is a natural earth clay which air-dries to a hard solid. Use it to make clay sculptures, decorative items or plaques. No baking or firing needed. Minimal shrinkage. Easy to use with traditional modeling techniques, it's also a snap to clean up. Dry pieces can be painted or varnished. Each resealable plastic bucket includes 5lb of Air-Dry Clay.

  • Smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay; needs no oven or kiln
  • Softens easily with water and quickly cleans from hands & surfaces
  • Convenient re-usable plastic bucket helps keep clay fresh
  • Use with traditional techniques such as pinch, coil, slab, score-and-weld; make stamped impressions, beads; embedding found objects
  • Can be painted with tempera, acrylic or watercolors when dry
  • Offers greater quantity for larger projects and/or groups
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