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Crayola® Oil Pastels, 28 Colors

Crayola® Oil Pastels, 28 Colors


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In brilliant, opaque colors, these Crayola Oil Pastels have a smooth consistency and colors can be blended for cool art effects. This pack contains enough gorgeous colors to satisfy every junior artist, whatever they're creating. For a little extra glitz, there are oil pastels in metallic gold and silver too. Crayola Oil Pastels have a hexagonal shape, making them easy to grip. They are tightly wrapped for durability and the colors are non-toxic for parents' peace of mind. Each box includes 28 Crayola Oil Pastels in various colors plus metallic gold and silver.

  • Features 28 Oil Pastels in 28 unique, vibrant colors
  • The anti-roll, hexagon shape keeps these art tools on tables and desks
  • Great for art projects, school projects, and more
  • Ideal for ages 4 and up
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