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Supertek® Density Identification Set of 12

Supertek® Density Identification Set of 12


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Set of 12 different half-inch diameter specimens of varying lengths, supplied in a wood storage block. The set includes cylinders of Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Glass, Hard Rubber, Delrin, PVC, Acrylic, Teflon, Nylon, Maple and Pinewood.

  • Comes with storage case
  • Excellent Set to discover different materials!
  • 12 Specimens, 0.5" cylinders of various lengths
  • Wood storage block - 4"L x 3.50" W x 1.50" H., Density Cylinders - Aluminum - 1.625"L x .50" Dia. , Brass - 1.50"L x .50"Dia. , Copper - 1.56"L x .50"Dia., Glass - 1.75"L x .50"Dia., Hard Rubber - 1.813"L x .50"Dia., Delrin - 2.188"L x .50"Dia., PVC - 2.375"L x .50" Dia., Acrylic - 2"L x .50"Dia., Teflon - 2.375"L x .50"Dia., Nylon - 2.375"L x .50"Dia., Maple - 2.625"L x .50"Dia., Pinewood - 2.75"L x .50"Dia.
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